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Some cannabis is simply born better, some is engineered that way…intentionally. We’re the perfect blend of both.

Ohso Lolo Cannabis

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Whether you’re a retailer, supplier or processor, OhSo Lolo offers exactly what you need to fuel your business’ success. You’re ready to grab your share of the market, we’re ready to make it happen.

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At OhSo Lolo, we’re passionate about cannabis and even more passionate about people. We know our products go into bodies and how and what we grow makes a difference. Within an industry hyper-focused on THC percentages, we distinguish ourselves with a holistic approach to the art and science of cultivation. We focus on the nuances of every strain to provide unique experiences for consumers.

If it’s not perfect, it doesn’t leave our doors.
We’re here to set, maintain and constantly raise the bar by cultivating superior product.


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At OhSo Lolo, we bring the best qualities out of the plant through superior genetics, leaving behind the inferior genetics commonly found in other strains. Our customers receive the best product possible – high quality cannabis for like-minded cannabis connoisseurs who crave quality.

Ohso Lolo Cannabis

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Customers and connoisseurs who find that you have a superior product will return time and again. Because you deserve an expert and a dependable partner who believes in what you can do, OhSo Lolo is one of the only suppliers you’ll need.

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Ohso Lolo at work

Ohso Lolo Cannabis

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