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Because you want an expert and a dependable partner and because we believe in what you can do, OhSo Lolo is the only supplier you’ll need. You’re ready to grab your share of the market. Partner with cultivation industry leaders who can help you make it happen.

Co-branding Partnerships

Once your customers go OhSo, they won’t go back to just so-so. Capitalize on the quality of our flower and products while strengthening your brand presence and name recognition. We offer co-branding and white labeling opportunities.

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Contract Grows We Have Room For You and Then Some…

We take pride in blending art and science to grow exceptional cannabis, seeking the perfect combination of traits through superior genetics, which results in the ultimate terpene profiles. Learn how OhSo Lolo can support you in your growing endeavors.

Toll Processing We Do That, Too

Have your own growing operations? We love that and would love to support you. You can take advantage of our technology and facilities to transform your fabulous flower into profitable (and potent) products.

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Don’t See A Solution For Your Product?
We’ll Customize To Meet Your Needs!

From cultivation to co-labeling to toll processing and more – we are working to meet the needs of all Montana retailers, processors and suppliers. But we probably haven’t thought of everything. If there’s another way we can help your business grow – we want to hear about and then do something about it.

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Ohso Lolo Cannabis

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