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Why OLC? Let Us Explain

To grow the best cannabis, you need the best facility.

In 2018, we set out to create something that would change the industry forever. Our custom-engineered growing facilities and experienced growers and cultivation experts seamlessly blend art and science and are the soul and core of our operations.

Our Facility Is Like Nothing Else in Montana

Our process is superior and our custom-engineered cultivation facilities embrace and emphasize the best science and unmatched systems. It’s no surprise that our product is consistently in the uppermost echelon grown for connoisseurs who know, recognize and value quality.

17,280 Square Feet

Our large growing facility is the first of its kind (and size) in our region.

High Efficiency Floor Plan for Production

With over 3,000 plants in production, you can be always confident in our products’ availability.

Climate-Controlled Curing Rooms

Our specialized drying systems allow for a slow and natural drying and curing process.

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Ohso Lolo Facility

Our Technology is State of the Art

Our technology supports the core and essence of our strains: the superiority of our genetics. Connect with us and you’ll see that our proven Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) know-how and top-echelon technology leads to high quality, premium cannabis.

Ohso Lolo Technology


Our systems in our custom-engineered facility ensure that we give our plants exactly what they need to grow.

Environmental Optimization

We maintain optimal growing environments throughout all of the growth phases which gives our team the ability to showcase the plant’s unique characteristics, cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Real-time Monitoring

Every system in our greenhouse is designed to collect and analyze data for real-time adjustment of inputs for photosynthesis, aerobic respiration and transpiration.


Our Experience It’s An Art

Our team of dedicated, experienced cultivators have the touch and the passion to grow a masterpiece every time.


Our Expertise It’s a Science

We focus on pheno-, chemo- and genotypes and constantly uplevel our strains to constantly deliver top-shelf, superior product.

Quality Product Where Every Growing Condition is Set to Optimal

When it comes to producing the highest quality cannabis to meet booming demand in our region, you should demand a partner who transforms cannabis cultivation with next-level expertise, experience and technology.

Ohso Lolo Cannabis

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